Acupuncture In Surat

The Healing Acupuncture .

About The Healing Acupuncture .

The healing acupuncture is a place of serenity, peace and joy. Where you can gain back your lost joy, wellness and inner health, for sure

There are the inevitable challenges, life events, injuries, losses and entanglements. We can offer support: Body, mind, soul and spirit.

Extraordinary Experiences

In this place you will meet Dr Rodrigues with all his diagnostic skill and vast experience, of more than 23 years. To take you to the better path of health and wellness.

 Finally what you require to enjoy your remaining life ,nothing other than health and wellness.

Our Offers

We offer Range of therapies, together with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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301 SNS Square Opp Relience Mart beside Green Leaf hospital Vesu